Hello fellow gamers.

HEXCODED is a small game developing team located in Poland.

We are two guys who always loved video games. As soon as we finished one we dove into another.

For some time it was enough. But recently our hunger lead us to conclussion: we need to make games.

One of us got his hands on UDK and after a few months he came up with this:

And that's how our story began.


Super Fowl
Funny, arcade game about chickens trying to fly as far away as possible from the poultry farm they are trapped into. The game takes full advantage of gyroscope and it's available for iOS devices. Powered by UDK.

Here's a short Super Fowl screen cap video:

And here's a recording of an actual iPod Touch gameplay:


A mind-bending 3D puzzle game. Coming soon for all iOS devices.

Cubical teaser:


Here, you can have a sneak peek at our current projects:


You can contact us here: support@hexcoded.com

You can also view our Youtube channel.